Pizza Dough


THE Vincenzo's WAY

At Vincenzos’s Wood Fired Pizza, we like to think we make a mean pizza, keeping it fun and exciting!

Our dough is made in store, using the finest quality Caputo 00 flour, and allowed to prove for over forty-eight hours. All our pizzas are hand-stretched and baked the traditional way in our wood fired oven, reaching temperatures of up to 500°c. The result: all our pizzas are light, crisp and easily digestible.

We shake things up a little when it comes to our toppings, preparing as much as possible in store. Our wood fired oven is used to braise brisket of beef and slow roasted shoulder of pork overnight. In the mornings, our team of chefs fire the oven up and get cracking, using it to sauté mushrooms, roast peppers and caramelise onions.

The tomato sauce and fresh basil and pesto, along with other sauces, dressings, marinades and flavoured oils were developed in Vincenzos’s top secret laboratory.

… Ok maybe not but they all taste great, and we do make them ourselves!

Being a small, Irish owned business, we recognise the importance of sourcing ingredients locally and buy Irish produce where possible. We value the marvellous dairy industry that is sitting on our doorstep, so we don't mess about looking further afield when getting all our cheese needs! You won’t catch us messing around with gas, either. Our oven is fired up using only Irish kiln-dried beech and ash. This ensures that the dough, sauces and toppings that have taken time to carefully prepare are cooked and finished off the right way!